Beneficial – harmful when eating chicken every day.


       Chicken is the main food in many people’s homes. It’s a relatively inexpensive source of high-quality protein and can handle a wide variety of dishes.

When you eat chicken regularly, have you ever wondered if this food’s effects on your body.

If you are cooking chicken without adding more fat, salt, or sugar, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this dish to health:

* Help strengthen bones .

Calcium and vitamin D are thought to be factors that help keep bones strong. Besides, protein is also an important nutrient in preventing osteoporosis and keeping strong bones.

* Improve memory.

Chicken also contains vitamin B12, which is involved in memory function. Therefore, consuming chicken will boost brain thanks to the combination of B12 and choline.

* More at ease.

Chicken contains tryptophan, an amino acid that increases serotonin (the “feel good” hormone). Therefore, eating chicken can help improve your spirits.

* Tired less.

If you have iron deficiency anemia, you will feel tired often – even when you sleep. When you eat dark chicken, you will be fortified with iron, and when you want to cut back on chicken, replace it with iron-rich foods to meet the recommended daily intake.

* Consolidate heart health.

Lean chicken pieces, not fried, not seasoned with butter and spices will improve heart health. This dish is often part of a healthy diet that lowers bad cholesterol.

* Improve fertility.

Whether male or female, if you are looking for a baby, add chicken to your plate. Experts suggest that adhering to a healthy diet, including poultry-based foods, is associated with better fertility in women and better semen quality in men.

* Reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.

Including poultry foods in your diet (like chicken) can reduce the incidence of this disease.

* Causes nutrient deficiencies.

Consuming too much of one type of food is not great. When you focus on one food, you run the risk of limiting others and missing out on certain nutrients.

If you eat chicken every day, you may not eat other protein sources such as seafood, beans and other beneficial choices that chicken does not have. Eating chicken is not a bad thing, as long as you also eat a variety of other healthy foods to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

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