Companies that lost millions of dollars because of FTX

Companies that lost millions of dollars because of FTX


The biggest ambition of the FTX’s creditors has large money companies on the entire globe, including the biggest crypto trading floor in the whole world Binance.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO Binance, is considered an important agent that makes FTX fall. Day 2/11, CoinDesk announces the balance sheet of Alameda Research, an electronic fundraiser owned by FTX Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). Right then, CZ announced the entire FTT of the FTT floor he owned. This has triggered a massive withdrawal, causing the floor to reveal the secret SBF has been hiding: FTX lost his abilities because he took the client’s money to move into Alameda.
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Companies that lost millions of dollars because of FTX

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According to experts, basically the CZ and Binance were released in time before the fall of the FTX. However, this floor is still under great influence. 14/11 Day, on Ask me anything Twitter, CZ tells me that Binance witnessed a slight increase in recent withdrawal after FTX but this is a normal response in the course of the market. You also deny that you deliberately caused chaos in the market. Before that, the CZ was suspected of removing FTX… direct opponent of Binance… by selling FTT and continuing tweets on this floor.

Binance was also attacked after the FTX incident. Three-13/11, AXS, a board of board domination by blockchain Vietnamese Axie Infinity {y:bi} triple-scale, but quickly “littered by 20 USD to 7 USD. When all the questions are on the AXS can be loaded, a Binance account says he was hacked. Hacker used the most valuable account of one, five million dollars in this person’s to make a deal, make the most unexpected rates. 14/11 morning, CZ admitted the system was attacked but the source of the third API was Skyrex and 3commas. You advise the user to erase these API. Outside AXS, the problem with the other signs is TVK, CVX and ACM.

10/11 day, BlockFi – one of the largest loan companies in the world- notifies the user for the withdrawal after FTX crisis. The company also requires that the clients don’t send in their wallet or their bank account.

For three billion dollars of USD months last year, BlockFi suffered heavy effect when the market is picking up bad news. BlockFi also faces the surveillance of his financials and has to pay 100-million USD for the U.S. Stock Board. Earlier this month 7, during the “save market” campaign of SBF, FTX, agrees to provide BlockFi a credit card value 400 USD.
Celsius Network

Nov11/11 Day, Celsius Network Network- the loan company that broke back in the middle of five- indicated that there’s 3,5 million Serum (SRM) worth a million dollars worth a million dollars and USD’s linked to Alameda FTT.
It’s impossible to draw more money than the problem of the Celsius Network. After Luna’s collaboration, Celsius couldn’t bear the weight loss of cash and have filed a bankrupt with U.S. billions of USD.
Usernal assets are being trapped near 4, 7-billion USD. After four months, the customers of Celsius can’t get their money back. According to Forbes, the company has only 167 million dollars in cash to support certain activities in bankruptcy.

8/11 Day, Coinbase said he was sending about 15 million dollars on FTX floor and the whole thing hasn’t been withdrawn. They claim to be sending money, not buying FTT, not working with Alameda and not giving FTX a loan.

Coinbase is the second largest floor in the world according to Coinmarketcap. of 4/2021, they become the first money company in the U.S. listed in the public. This IPO exchange also helped the founder of Brian Armstrong become billionaire. In the end of high value III/20, Coinbase has five billion dollars in cash and some of the other undecided money to cover the customers.

10/11 Day, the CoinShares Electronic money company confirms on Twitter that they have a 30-foot investment, 3 million USD into FTX. So far, the money hasn’t been taken out. Coines Jean-Marie Mognetti claims “financial health of the company is still strong” and they still have more than 282 USD.

14/11, Crypto. The electronic trading floor has headquarters in Singapore- admitted a billion USD to FTX for a year. However, most of this money has been withdrawn. According to the CEO of Kris Marszalek, they’ve only been killed under the 10 million dollars of USD and determined to announce the timetable.

Galaxy Digital Holdings
Date 9/11 {{y:bi}Day after FTX’s withdrawal}a cash supply company, the Galaxy Digital Holdings indicate that it’s invested over 76,8-million USD into FTX. Among these, 47, 5 million USD “is in the process of withdrawal”, the rest has been taken from the floor. The Galaxy Digital Holdings announced that the company is still over a billion dollars in cash and 1,5-billion USD.
Galois Capital
Galois Cap’s defense Fund

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