Drinking 1 cup of water on an empty stomach has 4 benefits.

Drinking 1 cup of water on an empty stomach has 4 benefits.


      If you know how to drink water in the morning when you wake up, you can protect your body.

Night is the time when the body needs to rest, after waking up in the morning, many people will feel thirsty and dry, this is related to the body’s moisture through breathing, sweating and many factors. another leads to lack of water.

So morning is a good time to stay hydrated. However, some people believe that drinking water on an empty stomach is not good for digestive health. In fact, whether you have a gastrointestinal illness or a healthy person, you can drink water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable drinking cold water directly, drink a glass of warm water. Doing this regularly will have the following main benefits for the body.

* 4 benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

– Promote body metabolism

After waking up, some people will feel weak, not awake … This may be related to the viscosity of thickened blood, drinking a glass of water is the best option.

After supplementing water, it will promote blood circulation and metabolism of the body, thereby reducing pressure on the body and helping people to lift their spirits.

– Control blood pressure

In clinical fact, the morning is the time when many people have the most hypertension. Drinking water now not only promotes metabolism, but also benefits blood vessels, controlling blood pressure.

– Promote the body to eliminate uric acid

For people with gout, drink plenty of fluids as it can help the body excrete uric acid better in the morning. Besides, the amount of water drinking during the day should be maintained at 2 liters, it is very beneficial for the recovery process.

– Help to relieve the disease condition

Drinking a glass of water in the morning is also beneficial for patients with kidney stones and diabetes, which can achieve a certain degree of preventive goal.

* 3 types of water should not drink in the morning

Although drinking water in the morning is good, it is best not to touch the following 3 types of water:

– The water is too hot

According to WHO, drinking water that is too hot can cause burns of the esophagus, regularly drinking water above 65 degrees will increase the risk of cancer.

– Soft drink

Sweet drinks with too much sugar are not the best source of water. Drinking a lot of soft drinks makes you feel thirsty, and will increase the number of calories due to the high sugar content, the risk of obesity will increase.

– Salty water

Everyone is very familiar with salt water, when sweating a lot, it is necessary to add a small amount of salt water. However, this is not a good choice in the morning, for people with high blood pressure will make the risk worse.

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