Eat healthy heart care.


     For a healthy heart, eat more celery, onions, cabbage, reduce meat, avoid anger and stay up late.

The heart has an important function, governing the vital activities of the body. Therefore, everyone needs to protect and maintain a healthy heart by taking proper care of the heart according to the suggestions below.

* Three types of vegetables should be eaten a lot, including:

* Celery .

Celery is known as “blood tonic” because it contains abundant vitamins, in which vitamin C helps the body fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

The fiber in celery can also enhance intestinal motility, promote digestion and absorption, and prevent constipation, make bowel easier, detoxify the body.

Usually, eating a lot of celery can maintain elasticity and clean the blood vessels, helping the heart not have to work too hard.

* Onion .

Onions contain many active ingredients, vitamins and fiber. Therefore, regularly eating onions can eliminate free radicals in the body and keep blood vessels from constricting normally. In addition, eating onions can prevent the risk of vasodilation, reduce blood viscosity, improve peripheral vascular blockage and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

* Cabbage .

Cabbage is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, potassium and fiber. Regularly eating cabbage helps the body improve its antioxidant capacity, protect the lining of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis, keep blood circulation in a normal state. Cabbage intake can also help the blood vessels become stronger and more elastic. When the blood vessels are healthy, the heart is less likely to have problems.

* Cut back on two types of meat:

* Meat .

Eating a lot of fatty meats over a long period of time causes the body to overeat saturated fatty acids and raise cholesterol. Obesity not only increases the body’s burden, but also affects the maintenance of the function of internal organs, the blood will become more and more sticky, easily causing cardiovascular diseases.

So if you want to keep your heart healthy, eat as little fat as possible.

* Dried meat.

Families often have the habit of eating dried meat, especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. However, during processing, to ensure the meat does not smell and taste good, the producers often add a lot of salt to the meat.

From there, eating a lot of dried meat will make the body absorb too much nitrite, the blood vessels are harder and harder, the blood is sticky, increasing the burden on the heart and leading to cardiovascular diseases.

* In addition, to prevent heart disease, avoid two things:

* Angry .

Want a healthy heart, you should avoid anger. When angry, the sympathetic nerves inhibit abnormality causing blood flow in the body to increase, increasing the burden on the heart. Anger continuously for a long time, blood pressure increases, causing diseases of the heart and blood vessels of the brain.

People with cardiovascular disease often get angry will increase symptoms of angina, nervousness, chest tightness, shortness of breath. Severe cases can also make the patient dizzy and faint.

* Stay up late .

The occasional stay up late did not cause any noticeable abnormality. Lack of sleep for a long time will lead to neurological disorders, sympathetic nerves are inhibited.

When the body is not fully rested, hormones are affected, the human’s physical well-being is also impaired. Blood pressure therefore increases, leading to more and more serious burden on the heart, causing cardiovascular disease.

Cardiology is responsible for providing and helping blood circulation, bringing blood to feed other parts of the body to maintain life. Therefore, things should be taken to protect and maintain a healthy heart, and prevent disease. If there is discomfort in the chest area, go to the hospital to examine and treat promptly, should not delay, because the disease can deteriorate, causing danger to life.

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