Eating bananas helps maintain and improve your overall health.


     The familiar fruit gives you more energy, gut health and better eyesight. Enjoying a banana daily can also be beneficial.

Bananas are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help maintain and improve your overall health.

However, you should not eat too many bananas. Follow the recommendation to eat 1-2 bananas per day.

* Supports gut health.

There are many ways to protect your gut microbiota, perhaps starting with a banana. Bananas contain resistant starch, increasing the production of short-chain fatty acids – essential for gut health, according to research published in the Nutrition Bulletin.

* Helps with weight loss.

Bananas are even on the list of 20 best weight loss foods.

* Skin improvement.

When you think of skin-enhancing foods, think salmon, avocado, walnuts, and bananas. This is all due to the vitamins and minerals in bananas, especially manganese, which boost collagen levels.

* Increase energy.

Trainers often recommend that you eat bananas before or after your workout. It’s a food that boosts energy and keeps you from feeling tired throughout the day.
One study in male athletes found that those who consumed sports drinks outperformed those who ate bananas.

* Boosts potassium, supports heart health.

Bananas are known to be high in potassium, a heart-healthy substance.This can directly affect blood pressure control and heart health. A diet rich in potassium with one banana per day, helped reduce the risk of heart disease by 27%.

* Increases eyesight.

So don’t overdo them with carrots to avoid the risk of turning your skin orange.

Instead, eat a banana a day that not only enhances your eyesight but has a ton of other health benefits as well.

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