Exercise to prevent cancer.


       A new UK study shows that exercise plays a big role in cancer prevention.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the UK, a significant increase in the number of people who have gained weight at home, being sedentary or consuming fast food has increased significantly.

Being overweight and obese makes the cells in the body more susceptible to damage, leading to tumor development. British researchers found being overweight was linked to more than a dozen types of cancer.

“We need better food and exercise,” says Professor Linda Bauld of the University of Edinburgh. Bauld believes that smoking is the leading cause of cancer in the UK. Obesity is now second, but likely to become number one.

The reason is that more and more people quit smoking, while the number of overweight and obese people increases during the blockade period. It is predicted that obesity will become the main cause of cancer in women by 2040 and in men a few years later. Research also shows that people who have been treated for breast and bowel cancer have a lower risk of getting the disease back with regular exercise and improved diet.

In addition, another project sponsored by the UK Cancer Research Center also highlights the link between physical activity and cancer. The research team followed two groups of rats – one sedentary and one ran for 30 minutes, three times a week.

As a result, gentle exercise reduced the level of hepatitis that led to cancer, and improved the digestive system of older mice, even those with liver disease. The hard-working mice moved faster, with less fat in their liver. “We wanted to test if gentle exercise helped boost immunity and prevent liver cancer cells from growing,” said Professor Derek Mann from Newcastle University, who led the study.

This finding is important, as the number of people with liver cancer in the UK has increased by 60%, with 17 new cases diagnosed every day. “Understanding how to prevent this disease is of great significance to people at high risk,” said Professor Mann.

Fat is not sitting still, but is always active, sending signals to organs and cells. These signals can cause cells to divide more, leading to cancer.

“Too much fat accumulating in the body is a real danger. However, there is a lot of evidence that hard work has many positive results. This area has yet to be exploited,” said Professor Bauld. Therefore, exercise also has many other anti-cancer benefits that we are not aware of.

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