Food works to prevent cancer.


      Cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, onions … are cheap foods, sold a lot, and are effective in preventing cancer.

What you eat affects your health, including your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The growth of cancer is proven to significantly influence your diet. Certain foods have beneficial ingredients that help reduce the likelihood of and developing this dangerous disease.

* Cauliflower .

Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, an herbal ingredient that fights cancer. One study found that this substance reduced the number of breast cancer cells by up to 75%,

In a mouse test, sulforaphane killed prostate cancer cells and halved tumor size.

This type of cauliflower also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, you can eat a few cauliflower meals per week.

* Carrot .

Eating carrots can reduce stomach cancer 26%, prostate cancer 18%.

A survey of 1,266 people were healthy and had lung cancer. Accordingly, smokers who do not eat carrots are 3 times more likely to get disease than those who eat carrots more than once a week.

Therefore, you should add carrots to the menu as side dishes or snacks.

* Bean .

Legumes high in fiber have been shown to protect against colorectal cancer.

Survey on 1,905 people who had colorectal tumors showed that people who ate more beans were less likely to recur the disease.

The trial found that rats eating beans can reduce the risk of developing rectal cancer by up to 75%.

* Cinnamon.

This bark is known for its health benefits such as lower blood sugar and inflammation. In addition, cinnamon also prevents the spread of cancer cells.

Cinnamon oil extract also helps reduce the growth of cancer cells in the neck and head, significantly reducing the size of the tumor.

Every day, you can use 2-4g cinnamon to prevent the aforementioned diseases.

* Olive oil.

This oil has too many health effects and is loved by the people of the Mediterranean.

Statistics on 19 studies show that people who use a lot of olive oil have less risk of breast cancer or cancer related to the digestive tract.

According to another survey in 28 countries, areas with a lot of olive oil had lower rates of colon cancer.

You can use olive oil to mix salad or add to processed vegetables, cook meat, fish.

* Tomato .

In tomatoes, lycopene causes red pigment and is anti-cancer. According to a review of 17 studies, eating tomatoes was linked to a reduced incidence of prostate cancer.

* Garlic .

Garlic contains allicin, substances that help destroy cancer cells. According to a survey of over 540,000 people, those who eat a lot of garlic, onions and chives are less likely to suffer stomach cancer than those who rarely use this food.

Likewise, a study with 471 participants found that eating more garlic reduced prostate cancer.

Every day, you only need to absorb about 2-5g of garlic is enough to promote the elements with P.

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