Health benefits of brown rice.


     The brown rice we use usually only separates the husk and keeps the bran film intact, so they have a light brown color that gradually turns red. And thanks to retaining these ingredients, brown rice is trusted by many people because of its many good health benefits.

The nutritional composition of brown rice includes minerals located in the bran layer. For example, 100g of brown rice has 25.61 mg of gamma oryzanol, 245.15mg of phytosterols, 302mg of magnesium, 727mg of manganese, 10.6mg of phosphorus, 1591mg of inositol and 1496mg of zinc, thereby bringing many great benefits to human health.

* Distinguish common types of brown rice.

There are many types of brown rice on the market, with different colors and uses such as:

Charcoal Purple Brown Rice: The darker the purple color, the healthier it is with a much higher amount of nutrients than other types of rice, with a high fiber content, rich in anthocyanins and trace elements such as zinc and magnesium. , calcium,… Helps prevent cardiovascular disease, good for bones, suitable for people with diabetes, blood fat, dieters and especially young children because purple brown rice is easy to digest, so it’s good for the digestive system is still weak in children.

Glutinous brown rice: A food with high nutritional value, containing protein, starch, sugar, B vitamins. This type of brown rice is used a lot to make sticky rice, rice wine, cook sticky rice or use traditional cakes. system. Thanks to the high calcium content and the nutrient GABA, this rice also helps prevent the risk of gallstones.

Black brown rice: Also known as hummus rice contains more protein, fiber, less calories and starch than white rice, and contains low sugar content, good for diabetics, blood fats..

* The great uses of brown rice .

* Regulates blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Free radicals are very dangerous to human health, causing health disorders and acne, alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, inflammatory diseases Chronic infections and strokes invade and destroy many types of cells, including brain cells and DNA. And the pulp of brown rice has over 120 antioxidants such as CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, selenium, phytosterols, lutein and lycopene… Helps protect the body’s cells from being damaged by free radicals. , thereby protecting cells from harmful external free radicals.

Accordingly, the antioxidants in brown rice have the ability to control, manage and reduce glucose levels and improve insulin synthesis in the blood of people with diabetes. Other ingredients such as B vitamins, protein, and fiber also play an active role in the metabolism and regulation of glucose levels for people with type I and type II diabetes.

* Reduce bad cholesterol, protect the cardiovascular system, good for people with high blood pressure.

The fiber in brown rice is much more than in vegetables, so eating brown rice every day creates an environment for beneficial bacteria to work to protect the intestines. In addition, they also reduce atherosclerotic plaque, remove the plaque that forms inside the blood vessels, causing hardening and blocking the circulation of arteries, protecting the cardiovascular system, good for people with high blood pressure.

* Reduce the risk of some diseases such as kidney stones, diabetes, cancer.

Magnesium is abundant in brown rice bran membranes to help reduce bad cholesterol, protect the cardiovascular system, good for people with high blood pressure, stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin to facilitate sugar metabolism, thereby preventing the risk of diabetes. risk of diabetes, effectively prevent cancer.

* Detoxify the body, improve the function of the liver, whiten skin, reduce acne, get rid of dark spots.

In brown rice, there is alpha Lipoic Acid, which works to purify the liver to detoxify from the body, quickly eliminate wastes in the body, and the natural fiber in brown rice will attach to the residues and then remove them and prevent them from attaching to the intestinal wall and liver. From there, it also makes the skin smooth and effectively reduces dark spots, very suitable for women who eat to lose weight and beautify their skin.

* Improve the digestive system, good for people with metabolic disorders, anorexia, poor absorption.

Adding brown rice to the daily diet helps stabilize the digestive system, good for people with metabolic disorders, anorexia, poor absorption. In addition, the nutritional components in brown rice include fat, protein, fiber, starch, and essential vitamins and acids for the body such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium… also provide a full range of nutrients. nutrients for the body, suitable for sick people to eat to restore health. In addition, roasted brown rice water is also the fastest way to control diarrhea for babies.

* Support weight loss, beautiful slim figure in people with obesity and weight gain disease.

Brown rice is also compared to blueberries – the top 40 fruit in terms of antioxidant content in terms of antioxidant content, cheaper and contains less sugar, suitable for consumption. Eating every day helps to lose weight and have a beautiful shape.

In addition, a 6-week study with 40 overweight women with two food groups, white rice and brown rice, found that the brown rice group reduced their BMI and body fat more. people who eat brown rice lose more than white rice, so the weight loss effect of this rice is indisputable, and you can also lose weight with brown rice flour in just 2 weeks.

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