How drinking tea is harmful to health.


       Brewing tea for a long time or putting a lot of sugar and cream into the tea will harm you.

Tea is a healthy drink that has a lot of benefits if you drink it regularly. From weight loss to an antioxidant boost, a cup of tea can do wonders for your body.

There are many benefits, but tea can also be harmful to your health if you drink it the wrong way:

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Many people like to add sugar or a few drops of honey to a cup of tea. Adding something sweet to your tea won’t harm you in the long run.

However, if you add too much sweetener, your tea can easily go from healthy to unhealthy. The best way to enjoy tea is to drink it alone, without adding many additional ingredients.

* Add more ice cream .

Nowadays, cream or milk has become a popular enhancer for tea cups. Similar to sugar, these two ingredients will make you absorb more calories. Therefore, you need to limit the consumption of ice cream and milk to avoid weight gain.

* Drink tea in pre-packed bottles.

While there are a number of healthy bottled teas available on grocery store shelves, the vast majority of prepackaged teas have too much sugar.

If you’re going to enjoy a store-bought refreshing tea, be sure to check the contents of your water bottle so you don’t have too much sugar in it.

* Brewing tea for too long.

When you drink about 250 ml of tea, the average amount of caffeine you will get ranges from 20 to 40 mg (a cup of coffee has about 100 mg). However, if you’re not careful with how long your tea is brewing, the amount of caffeine in your cup can add up dramatically.

If you are planning to cut down on caffeine to ensure your health, make sure the time you brew the tea is not too long to avoid overdoing it with caffeine.

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