iPhone 15 may return to the design of iPhone 5c

iPhone 15 may return to the design of iPhone 5c

An iPhone out in five 2023 can use a curve on your back similar iPhone 5C, but use titanium and glass.


iPhone 15 may return to the design of iPhone 5c


According to ShrimpApplePro, Twitter accounts released some accurate information about Apple’s unprecedented product, next to the iPhone 15 will tip like an iPhone model five years ago, or like MacBook 14’s 14 and 16-inch to the current form. The latest iPhone model that bends is iPhone i11, on the other hand, the flannel frame to use titanium material, and the back is still made of glass.

iPhone 5c is an iPhone cheap model of an iPhone 5 with a lot of plastic casing. Images and Items
Apple has recently registered a number of patent patents associated with using titanium shells on product like MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Compared with no rust steel, titanium and better abrasions. Apple’s also developing some titanium technology for expanding the surface, like using a highly specialized coalition to withstand fingertips on this material.

Before that, according to the expert Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple can replace an iPhone 15-minus Max with iPhone 15. However, no further information on the iPhone 15 version will use titanium shells or Apple will be equipped with all four samples.

Four iPhone 15 has expected to integrate a USB port C, but only two levels of high-speed support. According to Ross Young, the Dynamic Island features will be on both iPhone 15 and 15 Plus instead of the Pro line. Meanwhile, 15 Ultra was supposed to be working on a potential camera behind and a double-selfie camera in the front. 15 Ultra’s statistical residue will be higher than 14 Pro Max when he’s out.

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