Lose weight by eating bananas in the morning like the Japanese.


      The banana weight loss diet is quite simple, allowing you to eat a variety of meals.

The banana diet was devised by a couple in Japan. Sumiko Watanabe is a pharmacist and preventive medicine specialist. Her husband, Mr. Hamachi, studies traditional medicine and works as a consultant at the Japan Institute of Body Care.

Accordingly, you are encouraged to eat fruit and dinner before 20 o’clock. There are no specific rules for dishes and calories. For lunch and dinner, you get to eat everything, but stop when you are 80% full.

You may not eat desserts after dinner. You need to go to bed before midnight, try to sleep deeply.

* Food is eaten and not eaten.

There are different versions of this diet menu, but in general, they all have similarities.

At breakfast, you will eat bananas and drink water at room temperature. You can substitute with another fruit, but use only one type at a time. If you’re still hungry, wait 15-30 minutes and then eat something else.

You can eat normally at lunch and dinner, preferring Japanese-style dishes.

You are allowed one snack per day in the afternoon, this is also the only time to eat sweets.You should avoid milk, ice cream, and packaged foods.

* Weight loss effects.

According to experts, people who adopt this diet lose weight by eating less, leading to more calorie intake.

However, that effect is reduced if you eat anything after 20 hours. If you miss a meal late, don’t forget the rule to only eat 80% full.

Few diet plans focus on sleep like this one. But many studies show that people who sleep 7 to 9 hours a night tend to lose weight. When you feel tired, you are more likely to overeat and choose unhealthy foods.

* Advantages .

You don’t have to change or cut what you’re eating. This plan is very flexible, you can go out or cook your own at home. Therefore, it is easy for those who are vegetarians or have to abstain from certain foods.

The above cost-loss plan is inexpensive as it does not require special foods. Bananas are also a popular, low-priced fruit.

People on the diet are encouraged to walk every day but can skip them if they feel tired. In addition to burning calories, exercise helps you reduce stress and sleep well.

If you’re not ready for big changes, this diet plan is right for you. It is a gradual transition to healthy eating and weight loss. If you build these skills into your routine, you’ll see weight drop.

The morning banana diet will teach you good skills that you can incorporate into any lifestyle. If adhered well, you will have the opportunity to lose weight in the long term and improve your health.

Any healthy diet that helps with weight loss is good for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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