Morning habits are bad for the lungs.


       If you want to protect your lungs well this fall, there are a few things you need to avoid.

The timing of the season is usually when the most outbreaks of lung diseases are common. If you do not pay attention and have harmful behaviors to the lungs, surely lung disease will “find” quickly.

* Habit is easily the most damaging to the lungs in the morning.

– Smoke

Many middle-aged or elderly people have a habit that smoking is the first thing after waking up in the morning. Some people can’t even wait for personal hygiene, they lie down in bed and light a cigarette before the start of the day.

Smoking at this time is extremely harmful to the body than at other times. The nicotine in cigarettes will go directly to the lungs, leading to a rapid decline in this organ function.

– Angry

Some people wake up feeling that something is not right and immediately irritate. This not only affects mood of the day, but also affects lung health.

When a person is angry or emotional, it causes shortness of breath, the cysts dilate continuously. When the lungs are unable to rest and relax, it seriously affects the normal functioning of the lungs.

In addition, a bad temper also affects the body’s metabolism, making us more susceptible to getting sick, and the likelihood of getting cancer also increases a lot.

– Excessive exercise .

Middle-aged and elderly people love to exercise in the morning. They leave the house at sunrise for a few hours, which can easily lead to extreme fatigue, not only reducing the body’s immunity, but also directly affecting the health of the lungs.

Moreover, if you exercise in places with high industrial emissions, dust pollution also affects the human respiratory system. This can cause acute upper respiratory tract inflammation, bronchitis …

– Did not eat breakfast properly

Breakfast is very important, eat well. To protect the lungs, it is necessary to adhere to a low-spicy, low-spicy diet, eat bland in the morning, avoid cold foods. If you skip meals, frequent snacking can cause teenage and later asthma.

* Signs that the lung is having problems.

– Chest tightness and fatigue

If you wake up in the morning and find you have chest tightness and difficulty breathing, be alert for impaired lung function. When the lungs become ill, the body’s ability to breathe oxygen is also reduced, leading to a lack of oxygen.

In addition, the high concentration of lipids in the blood in the morning, along with the ability to transport oxygen in the blood decreases, will cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing.

– Cough constantly

When a person’s lungs are damaged, they may cough continuously when they wake up in the morning. This is also a sign of people with tuberculosis, pneumonia, inflammation of the respiratory tract … These diseases cause irritation to the trachea or the mucous membrane around the lungs, causing coughing spasms. This type of cough does not only appear in the morning, but also constantly coughs at any time of day.

– Shortness of breath

Lungs are important human respiratory organs. After being damaged, gas exchange capacity is impaired, for which an adequate supply of oxygen is always needed by humans. At this time, the patient easily has difficulty breathing or short of breath after waking up.

* How to protect the lungs?

– Food is good for the lungs

White radish has a slightly spicy taste, helping to clear heat, reduce phlegm, and soothe the throat effectively. If you drink radish soup in the morning, it will nourish the lungs very well. In addition, lotus root has moisturizing, refreshing, and refreshing properties, good for the lungs. If you drink lotus root water with an appropriate amount of honey, it will help reduce coughing.

– Drink tea

* In dry autumn weather, drinking tea can help moisturize the lungs and effectively detoxify.

– Exercise moderately

Persistent exercise of 10-20 minutes a day will help stretch blood vessels in the heart and lungs, improving the ability of the lungs to supply oxygen. In addition, regular jogging can maintain, increase the elasticity of the alveoli and delay the aging of lung functions.

– Laugh more

Laughter is an extremely simple but effective way for the lungs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that regular laughter is beneficial for the health of the lungs in particular. Laughing can expand the lungs, open the airways, increase capacity, making breathing easier.

In addition, laughter helps spread air in the lungs, promotes gas exchange and dissipates fatigue.

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