Pay more attention to the brain.


    Your brain will age faster if you are sedentary, lack regular sleep, abuse alcohol …

    Over time, many people will feel their memory decline. That is the aging warning symptom of the brain. Some people with more serious brain problems will develop Alzheimer’s disease with symptoms of memory impairment and impaired thinking.

Therefore, to maintain your sanity, you need to pay more attention to your brain. You should avoid the following stagnant habits:

1. Sitting too long

When a person sits down for a long time (office workers are the majority), they experience discomfort in their shoulders and neck, experiencing back pain. However, that is not all the harm of inactivity.

According to studies, if you sit for too long, you can suffer from dementia. In addition, this bad habit can affect information storage areas in the adult brain. Therefore, maintaining a certain amount of exercise will help us have a better memory.

2. Lack of regular sleep

Sleep is very important because it helps restore bodily functions. If you sleep less, your body’s organs and tissues will age faster.

Experts from the National University of Singapore Medical School conducted brain scans, neuropsychological evaluation and sleep time recording. They found that people who slept less had an enlarged ventricle along with impaired cognition. Therefore, lack of sleep not only makes your skin worse, but also makes you “stupid”.

3. Smoking

According to research from the University of California (USA), smoking habits will double the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, but also those around smokers at higher risk.

4. Drink a lot of alcohol

Drinking alcohol in moderation has certain effects on the body such as helping with brain circulation. However, drinking a lot of alcohol causes many diseases.

Experiments on animals drinking a lot of alcohol showed that the production of nerve cells in the information memory area of ​​the brain decreased by nearly 40%. The head of the study at Rutgers University (USA) said that long-term alcohol abuse will have negative effects on learning and memory.

5. Prolonged stress

People with mild stress are 33% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than others. Meanwhile, this rate in people with moderate and high stress is 78% and 135%. Information is published in the American Journal of Mental Health for the elderly.

Therefore, letting yourself suffer a lot of pressure is not only harmful to your mental health but also greatly affects the maintenance of an intelligent brain.

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