Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


      Changes in eating habits can control cognitive decline. According to one study, red wine and cheese can effectively fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking red wine and eating cheese every day in moderation can protect human cognitive function.

“Changing some eating habits can help us curb cognitive decline with age (the nature of Alzheimer’s).”

Above is a conclusion from the Lowa State University researchers, USA published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s after the survey was conducted with British volunteers. This research shows that red wine and cheese can help fight age-related cognitive problems.

We all know that the food we eat can have positive or negative effects on our health in many ways.

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and recent surveys are the answers to the relationship between cognitive ability and human food intake as people age.

The unique feature of this study is that for the first time, the foods used are no longer fruits or vegetables (commonly known to be very healthy), but alcohol and cheese. .

Researchers analyzed data from 1,787 adults between the ages of 46 and 77 over 10 years 2006-2016.

All participants belonged to the UK Biological Bank, a large-scale biomedical database containing in-depth genetic and health information from 500,000 Britons.

The participants took brain tests to establish baselines, after which they went through two follow-up assessments.

Participants were responsible for providing information regarding food and alcohol consumption throughout the study period.

They must elaborate not only on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but also meat, cereals, breads, fish, tea, coffee and alcohol (beer, cider, wine, champagne and wine). ).

Researchers found that cheese seems to be the best food to help combat cognitive decline due to age. Likewise, daily drinking, especially red wine, has also been linked to improved cognitive function.

Research has also shown that eating lamb (excluding other red meats) once a week, can improve long-term cognitive abilities.

Besides, the survey also shows that consuming too much salt is not good, especially for people at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Being able to cope with the complex evolution of disease in the world has never shown signs of slowing down, ”said Dr. Auriel Willette, one of the study’s leaders.

The team now wants to run more randomized clinical trials to determine if changes in the diet have a significant impact on the brain. This may contribute to a better prediction of cognitive decline, as well as a better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.

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