The authentication of the authentication process.

The authentication of the authentication process.

The authentication of the authentication process.


The buyer’s credit card shows or credit cards to the seller to pay. This could happen directly, like when the card was swiped, breaking or hacking or accessing the construction in a traditional store or could happen on the phone or online.
The seller.
The seller’s trying to pay the bill to pass through the pay gate so the bank can release the mortgage owner or refuse to trade. However, it is imperative that the authorities don’t go directly to the credit card owner’s bank. Instead, the dealer who sent information was asked through the seller’s payroll process. (This is the man a businessman who hired to help them accept credit cards.
The receiver’s invoices for proxy and transaction information from the seller and transfer it to the proper credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).

Network credit card

The credit card receives credit card information from the payroll processing and transfers it to the credit card holder (in case Visa and Mastercard) to confirm and approve. This is what it means that the credit card network is a 8220;the network of 8221;: It creates the right conditions for the transaction by doing as a highway that the transaction data goes through the database and the money department. American Express and Discover, however, it’s the card company and the card network.

The bank runs.
The bank runs credit cards and credit details based on the credit card limit (if the credit card check) or the account number (if the credit card numbers (if the tab tab tab tab tab checks (if the tab is denied or denied the transaction. After that, the distributor will send his response back to the credit card network. If you accept the transaction, the company will be temporarily holding the account of the credit card account for the transaction.

Network credit card
The credit card sent back from the distributor to the payment procession.
The Ministry of Physics Department of Justice.
The response payment on the person who was released to the sale gate.
Go back to the seller.
The vendor received a response from the distributor is denied and issued a receipt to the executable account for the executable account to complete the deal.

Payment paid off.
After the first transaction took place, the banks, the payroll and the credit network still has a lot to do. The money needs to be changed, the credit card costs to be paid for the appropriate services and money from the credit card account or credit card accounts to be transferred to the buyer’s bank account.

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