The easy way to eat less carbs is healthy.


       Differentiating the types of carbohydrates, called carbs for short, is key to an effective weight loss diet.

“There is no need to completely eliminate carbs to have a healthy diet,” said Lisa Young, an assistant professor at the Department of Nutrition and Food Research at New York University.

She thinks carbs are often misunderstood. It is found in all food groups from fruits to vegetables, nuts, dairy, and legumes and seeds containing protein. The American Dietary Guidelines states that the body gets 45-65% of its calories from carbs.

“But that doesn’t mean you get empty carbs. Limiting your intake of white bread, white pasta, pastries, cookies and other refined grains is a good idea. These unhealthy carbs are a good idea. Provides unnecessary calories, low in nutrients, “she said.

Eat high-fiber carbs. Lisa discourages healthy, fiber-rich carbs such as those found in fruits, vegetables, beans including lentils and chickpeas, and healthy whole grains like chopped oats, whole wheat bread, and nuts. farro and quinoa.

Lisa cites research in The Lancet, saying these carbs may even reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and colorectal cancer.

People often have difficulty understanding terms like refined and unrefined grains, as well as different sugars.

Refined grains have removed the nutrient-rich, fiber-rich bran and germ during processing. Unrefined grains contain all the healthy ingredients of the seeds like rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin E and other nutrients. Some sugars – the fructose in fruit, for example – are healthy. Others (the added sugars found in sucrose, table sugar), are not.

According to her, “it seems easier to get rid of carbs completely” thanks to this distinction.

In addition, Lisa also points out the difference between slow carbs and fast carbs. In particular, slow carbs are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are rich in fiber, take longer to digest and cause blood sugar to rise more slowly. These fiber-rich slow carbs also keep your body from feeling hungry an hour after you eat it.

On the other hand, fast carbs are found in white bread and baked goods that add sugar, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. This substance quickly increases blood sugar and makes us feel hungry right after eating.

Lisa recommends, if carbs have been linked to weight gain, it is because we have eaten too many inappropriate carbs. Apply some of your visual knowledge to make a healthier dish like pouring more vegetables and fruit in half of the plate; add a quarter of healthy protein like fish, chicken or beans; Make a healthy starch supplement for the last quarter by either sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa.

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