The habit of eating breakfast silently destroys the stomach.


     You should not eat breakfast too late, limit walking and eating or just choose fruit.

Most people understand the importance of breakfast to health, but have some harmful habits:

* Breakfast after 9am.

The best time for breakfast is from 6 to 8 o’clock, because at this time stomach acid secretes strongly, absorbing food will be good for the body.

If you eat breakfast after 9am, it will cause an appetite, bloating when it comes to lunch.

Of course, people should not eat breakfast too early, which disturbs the rhythm of the stomach and intestines.

Some medical experts point out that most parts rest while people are sleeping. However, the digestive organs still process the remaining food in the intestines and only gradually go into a resting state in the morning.

* Eating inappropriate food.

Many people eat breakfast as a hobby with the thought of just being full. By doing so, nutrition and health will matter. The following breakfast types are unhealthy:

Fruit: This type of breakfast lacks both glycogen (a form of carbohydrate) and protein to fuel the body, resulting in a lack of many nutrients in the long run.

Snacks: People are often dehydrated in the morning while snacks are mostly dry foods. If you regularly eat like this will affect the intestinal digestion.

Instant noodles: The fat content of instant noodles is high, easily leading to digestive problems.

* Eating while walking.

Eating breakfast on the street is susceptible to dirt, microorganisms, and toxic gases, not only unhygienic but also affecting health.

Moreover, when walking, the body is busy with intense muscle activity, the blood supply will be transferred from the digestive system to the muscles, causing indigestion.

* Healthy and healthy breakfast.

– Pupil

For those who are growing up, breakfast should be complete and rich in nutrients. In addition to milk and eggs, teenagers need more foods such as bread, pasta, porridge and fresh fruit.

– Office staff

Most office workers sit for a long time and are sedentary. They need to add whole grain bread and porridge for breakfast.

The first meal of the day for office workers should not be too greasy. You can eat a small amount of nuts for heart-healthy fatty acids.

– Middle-aged group (40-59 years old)

In middle age, people begin to age and the body is easy to lose shape. At this point, it is best to choose low-calorie, high-fiber, low-fat foods for breakfast, and control carbohydrates appropriately.

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