The secret to natural estrogen supplements for women.


      Low estrogen can lead to irregular periods, amenorrhea leading to early menopause or even infertility. The following article will guide you on how to supplement natural estrogen to help partially solve these conditions, let’s find out now!

The lack of estrogen not only causes fertility problems but also easily reduces libido, emotional instability, weight gain, depression, anxiety, thinning hair in women. To minimize the harmful effects of this hormonal imbalance, you can refer to the secret of natural estrogen supplements to help you stay healthy both mentally and physically in the article below.

1. Protect gut health.

Several studies have shown that the beneficial bacteria in the gut play an extremely important role in estrogen balance as well as other hormone-regulating functions in the body. Therefore, you need to pay much attention to protecting gut health by increasing beneficial bacteria in the body with fresh foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup, kefir, kombucha tea. , yogurt…

2. Get enough sleep.

A good night’s sleep will help the body repair the damaged parts on its own. One of its repair cycles could be hormone regulation, including estrogen. Therefore, enhance sleep to restore and replenish the body’s natural estrogen.

If the daytime is often subjected to a lot of stress that makes you lose sleep, you can refer to some tips to help you sleep well despite stress all day long such as epsom salt baths, massage, eating good foods. for quality sleep, do yoga exercises, rearrange the furniture in the room to make it easier to relax….

3. Natural estrogen supplement by diet.

In addition, a healthy diet is also one of the secrets to adding natural estrogen to the body. Some foods are rich in estrogen such as flaxseeds, soybeans, dried fruits, sesame seeds, berries, cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, strawberries, peaches, garlic, etc.

4. Minimize stress.

Stress can make you lose hormone balance, including estrogen. Therefore, you need to reduce stress and keep your spirits up by watching funny entertainment programs, reading books, listening to music, drawing pictures, sharing your thoughts, beautifying yourself…

Besides, you can also do meditation to dispel stress or do breathing exercises. This not only facilitates a stable endocrine system, but also helps reduce stress effectively.

5. Do yoga to supplement natural estrogen.

Practicing yoga not only helps women balance hormones, regulate menstruation, smooth menopause, but also helps improve mood and maintain a healthy digestive system. You can practice yoga for about 30 – 45 minutes a day to supplement natural estrogen for the body.

6. Implement a green lifestyle.

Regular exposure to everyday household chemicals can affect the balance of estrogen. Plastic food containers, for example, often contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (like BPA). Not only that, but cleaning chemicals and beauty products can also increase your risk of hormonal disorders.

Therefore, when choosing to buy household products, you should prioritize choosing brands that use natural ingredients that are benign, environmentally friendly and safe for health.

7. Regularly maintain the habit of physical activity.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine not only helps increase estrogen in the body, but also has a positive effect on many other hormones in the body such as reducing cortisol (stress hormone), releasing serotonin (boosting hormone). promote good sleep, optimistic thinking, increase memory)…

You can do a variety of endurance exercises such as jogging, plank, squat, cardio, or participate in some sports such as tennis, badminton… At the same time, every day should practice at least 40 minutes And practice about 5 days/week at a fixed time to get the best health effect!

8. Limit eating unhealthy foods.

Foods containing a lot of sugar such as cakes, candies, soft drinks; Foods containing a lot of fat and fast foods such as snacks, hamburgers, pizza… are all foods that reduce estrogen levels and make your body imbalanced hormones.

The natural way to supplement estrogen not only helps balance and treat hormonal disorders, but also helps to promote overall health to keep the body healthy. Therefore, you need to build a healthy lifestyle to limit menstrual disorders and improve beauty effectively. Hope this article will bring you a lot of useful knowledge!

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