The trick ‘helps get money back from FTX’

The trick ‘helps get money back from FTX’

The victims and FTX’s debts continue to become a scam target when the web sites are getting their money back from the floor.

According to Channel Asia News Asia, one of the found web pages has been identified as the U.S. Justice Department, claiming that the user can withdraw all the money being locked on the FTX floor after paying some legal costs, and the request for the money to fill out the missing.

“If the FTX is affected by bankrupt FTX, login the FTX account and fill in the form”, this page.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office is recommending the user for FTX account login.

The trick 'helps get money back from FTX'

Image: SPF

The Singapore police were the first unit to warn the advance of 19/11/11. The site may be a hoax tool to collect the user’s login information, Singapore police are highly recommended.

It’s not the first time that this kind of deception shows up that law enforcement agencies have to speak. However, with the large scale of the FTX collapses, the victim is the investors… will be more vulnerable. “FTX has a billion-dollar memory loss of USD. Desperate investors get their money back and can become targets of fraud”, Cointelegraph.

In the case of bankruptcy, FTX says 100.0000 owes him a debt, but in fact, this number is twice ten. CNBC guides the FTX’s lawyers: “Upon American property law, the FTX’s money floor is more than a million creditors”, but the detailed list can’t be established by the amount. A number of names like Bank Industries, FTL of the Temasek government fund, Singapore’s investment firm, Sequoia… invested hundreds of millions of USD into the founder of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried. Part of the investment money Sam used to buy the apartment and the luxury properties.

Apart from the FTX, the people who joined the electronics market are being targeted for other tricks. The IB reports indicate that the amount of fake web pages have increased than 300%in the first half.

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