The wrong dinner makes you sick enough.

Eating too full can make you diabetic while skipping meals or eating late can cause you gallstones, stomach ulcers.

The wrong dinner makes you sick enough
The wrong dinner makes you sick enough

In today’s society, the pace of life is faster and faster. Many office workers eat arbitrary meals at breakfast and lunch. Only in the evening did they have time to prepare meals when they left work.

Over time, eating greasy, satisfying dinners has become a habit of many modern people.

However, you may not realize that one of the causes of many illnesses is unhealthy eating habits.

* Eating too full causes obesity, diabetes.

After eating a full meal in the evening, you will feel bloated, have difficulty sleeping, easily topple, and turn around continuously. In addition, you are sedentary at night, making the body excess calories, leading to obesity, the risk of diabetes.

You should not eat a lot at dinner, especially traditional Asian foods like rice.

* Eating too much oil causes coronary heart disease.

Eating too much oil at dinner will put a heavy burden on the heart, digestive organs and kidneys.

However, vegans cannot get enough amino acids. When you do not absorb the essential amount of essential substances for your body, metabolic performance becomes problematic.

Therefore, the dinner is not too greasy, but it is necessary to ensure a balanced diet with a combination of meat and vegetables.

* Eating too late or not eating can cause stomach ulcers, gallstones.

If you do not eat dinner for a long time, the bile will accumulate in the indigestible gallbladder for a long time, it is easy to crystallize and form gallstones.

Eating dinner too late makes the food metabolism inadequate, increasing the likelihood of digestive problems like stomach ulcers.

* The healthy way of eating “choose 3 to reduce 4”:

– Choose grains, proteins, and vegetables.

The fiber in raw grains has a strong ability to absorb water, increase feelings of fullness, and aid in digestion in the stomach and intestines. High-protein and low-fat foods like boiled eggs, tofu, and boiled shrimp add healthy nutrients to your body. Vegetables and fruits have plenty of water, fiber, minerals, and vitamins to help the digestive system.

– Weight loss, oil, salt, and alcohol reduction.

Eating a lot of grease at dinner raises cholesterol; eating a lot of salt makes blood pressure increase, the risk of kidney disease; Drinking alcohol increases the burden on the stomach, liver, and bile.

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